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Floral Bikini: Shop Some Cute Styles for 2017 Beach Season

Floral Bikini: Shop Some Cute Styles for 2017 Beach Season

Beach season is looming nearer no doubt, summer is nearly here and if you do not yet have any bikinis to celebrate…now is the time to get out and buy some. If you are not even planning on hitting the beach you should start with the plans already. You are in dire need of a floral bikini for your beach season. Why? Florals will never go out of style no matter which year you are living in. So whatever style you are planning on calling yours, it will most definitely look chic and amazing. Check out some of these designs and where to buy them for ideas:

Garden Flower Printed Floral Bikini

Everyone loves a high waisted bikini bottom with a balconette bikini top. This one has yellow highlights and sports the cutest garden prints ever. The straps of the bra can also be removed to make a strapless floral bikini.

Off Shoulder Black Floral Bikini

Opting for a unique bikini in the summer season is bound to earn you some appraising glances and stares that follow you everywhere. With this off shoulder ruffle floral bikini you have an option of adding straps or no!

Vintage Strapless Balconette Floral Bikini 

A floral bikini looks way prettier when you can find it in a strapless version. This balconette version features way more positive aspects like its vintage floral print which is incomparable with the rest. If you’re going to wear a floral bikini, a vintage on will steal the show.

Unique Multi Function White Mini Pattern Floral Bikini 

This unique floral bikini can look different if you use the optional back ties and halter neckline strap that come with the product. Featuring a botanical floral print you will shine bright with the golden sun rays and gorgeous blue waves of the ocean.