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Festival Outfits Inspiration for Gals

Festival Outfits Inspiration for Gals

Festivals are probably the best time of the year for many girls. Not only are they full of fun and music but girls love to dress up in cute prints and aesthetic outfits (to put on their Instagram). It is a great time to hang out with your girlfriends but the prime thing about these festivals is playing with colors and patterns. Although thinking about it, patterns make up most festival outfits. And if you have no idea what you are going to wear for the next festival your friends have been planning, check out the list below:

All White

A very versatile color, you see many girls wearing all white to festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza. You can either go for a white bralette/crop top with white lace shorts or a full white dress. Or a short jumpsuit.

Trendy Offhand Look

Most girls like to look nonchalant when going to festivals giving off the not-trying-too-hard look. You can accomplish that look (if you are into it) with a crop top, black denim cutoffs, plaid shirt tied around your waist, sunnies, hipster necklaces, various arm and wrist bracelets and on top of everything black boots.

Pattern Galore

By patterns we do not mean flowers and stripes but traditional patterns that are made of circles and 5 different colors. An example of such patterns is in the 4th picture below. Crop tops and skirts or dresses are the best ways for you to sport patterns.

Bra Kind of Look

Many girls like to forget about wearing tops and instead just wear bras. That can also help when it comes to the hot environment (when the partying and music starts). Pair your bra (go for a lace one) with high waisted shorts or a flared skirt. Some girls do not like to show so much skin and opt for bras with tassels.