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Fabulous Design T Shirt Ideas to Try Out in 2017

Fabulous Design T Shirt Ideas to Try Out in 2017

When it comes to wardrobe staples, one gets quite bored on how they are very repetitive. Some like to completely change the direction of their wardrobe staple and others go for a more intelligent and unique strategy. Creating small changes and tweaks in your regular clothes is a better way of making your wardrobe colorful and more inventive. Design t shirts! It is as simple as that. T-shirts being everyone’s wardrobe staple, you can easily design your own clothing items. Some will find this task a piece of cake and others not so much. If you are part of the “others” crowd then the list of design ideas below will help in giving you some inspiration:

Anime/Cartoon Characters

A perfect place to start for your design t shirt ideas, characters from your favorite cartoon or anime show. Make your idea a lot cooler and original with special effects, a touch of some Photoshop filters and you have yourself an enviable design.

Tribal Prints

There is a very captivating charm about tribal printed design t shirt ideas. No matter which color or style you find them in, they will always look unique somehow for every tribal print is crafted differently.


As odd this may seem, artsy design t shirt ideas are very popular nowadays. Hipster fashion has become a popular hit amongst young youth in 2017. You can either opt for a t-shirt full of mandalas or a big one on the front. The choice is yours.


How obvious is this one? But as cliche, as it may seem text design t shirt will always win. If you have some kickass text/phrase in mind then put it to work with a stylish and unique font with some effects…and you have yourself a t-shirt worth spending on. Maybe some will buy it!