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DKNY Handbags: What To Pair Them With

DKNY Handbags: What To Pair Them With

Handbags are an essential part of every outfit you create and style. No matter which shape, size, color, design and handle type; a handbag is important to carry all your necessities. Especially if you are headed out some place where you need spare makeup items, money, credit cards, identification documents…etc. All these things must be present in your bag at all times. For such situations, you need a spacious handbag but most of the big ones look dull and not stylish. But DKNY handbags have that plus point. They are big and spacious and very stylish as well. Here are some things you can pair with a DKNY handbag:

Olive Off Shoulder Dress

Olive is a fabulous color to wear with DKNY handbags. Especially if you find a khaki/dark brown handbag with an off shoulder olive dress. Pair your outfit with green ankle strap heels and flat top sunglasses.

Rose Gold Glamor

Rose gold is a perfect color to wear in spring. Start off with a satin rose gold skirt, V-neck white t-shirt and a rose gold bomber jacket zipped up all the way up. DKNY handbags wouldn’t work with this outfit, instead, opt for a mini DKNY backpack in the color white. Top off with gold sneakers.

Low Rise Skinny Pants

Forget skinny jeans, skinny pants work best for this look. Opt for a pair of black skinny pants and a burgundy camisole. Red DKNY handbags suit greatly with this look but you can go for black and white ones too. White strappy heels will finish the look perfectly.

Maxi Skirt Look

Summertime calls for long flowy maxi skirts, no? Keep your look fresh and preppy with satchel DKNY handbags with your maxi skirt. A sleeveless loose fitted crop top in a vibrant color will match your skirt elegantly. Choose sandals with your outfit.