Thursday , 17 November 2022
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DIY and Recycle Your Old Pink Tops

DIY and Recycle Your Old Pink Tops

Every shirt has its lifespan where it can be used. After it is worn out completely and it is time to throw it in the trash think for a second. Don’t you love this shirt? Why throw it away? Then you answer yourself with a “Don’t be daft, it’s so old I can’t wear that!”

But, there is nothing as an old shirt. You can always use DIYs and recycling techniques to bring back your old shirts from the dead. Especially pink tops for they have a lot of potential. Below are a list of tutorials with images and links. If you have a pink top in the style of any of these shirts, you’re in luck!

Pink Dress Shirt

A total killer! Wait, till your friends see how cute this beachy ‘dress’ is.

Knotted Neckline Top

So simple and needs no sewing just a pair of scissors and some patience, please?

A Pink Dash

You can also do this with a pink top except you can switch out the dye color with one of your preference.

Summer, Not a Bummer

Pink is definitely a summer color and if you can recreate your pink tops into such amazing ones, you are definitely going to enjoy the ’17 summer.

Shopping Bag, NO PLASTIC

Many people are opposed to using plastic and even purchasing it so if you’re one of them you can definitely use your pink tops to make market bags.

Winter’s Not Over Yet

Need a new cardigan but it’s snowing too much and you can’t go shopping? No problem, you can make one at home with a stylish shirt you have.

Another Cute Summer DIY

Nothing better than a cute and flirty pink crop top! Renovate and recycle your pink tops to cool crop tops with added detail.