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Different Types of Shirts for Men

Different Types of Shirts for Men

When it comes to keeping your wardrobe a vast and always full of varying items you have to make sure you know all about the variations there are. Available in the markets are many different types of shirts, tees and other tops that you definitely need in your wardrobe. But, two things! First, you do not exactly need all of them. There is no reason why you should stock up on shirts for men and then leave them behind in your wardrobe. Secondly, before buying any top you have to know what you can wear it with and how exactly to wear it. Check the list below:

Dress Shirts for Men

These are mostly always for formal events. Not occasions! There is a difference. Events like dances, dinners, marriages and invitations to posh house parties call for you to wear dress shirts for men. They are also usually worn with expensive suits.

T-Shirts for Men 

Shirts for men are very elaborate but there is one thing you should know t-shirts are open to being worn all the time. They are also extremely variant in outfit choices. You can wear them with formal trousers, shorts, jeans and many more bottoms.

Polo Shirts for Men 

Polo shirts are mostly worn for sports and golf days. But you can also style your work and formal look with them in order to keep yourself looking casual. Usually worn without any overall so their style is not washed off, be careful with what you wear on top of it.

Tank Tops

Perfect for summer time, exercise routines, and every casual look you plan to style a tank top is a very chic choice. Not to mention beach outfits too. Especially for men with a buff build these shirts for men are fitting to show your hard work on your body.