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Dance Shorts: How to Dress Up for Your Classes with Them

Dance Shorts: How to Dress Up for Your Classes with Them

Many girls of all ages are enrolled in dance classes and although dress code may vary dance shorts will always be a wonderful selection. Their fit and style allows the wearer to move quickly, drastically and with speed. And since dancing calls for much leg motion, shorts are your best call. Not just that but these shorts are also incorporated in designs like high waisted and elastic belts sewn into the waist giving you an added tummy tuck as you dance your day on. Although choosing to wear dance shorts is not such a big deal, styling a gorgeous and chic outfit with them is the struggle you have to deal with. Here is your struggle made easier:

Cropped Tee with Drawstring Dance Shorts

Cropped tees are a great item to dance in. Baring your midriff and having fun during your classes is what dancing is all about (make sure to wear a sports bra under your crop). Pair your attire with socks and Nike sneakers.

Flared Crop Top

Cropped tees and cropped tops are two entirely different things. The tees being more edgy and funky while the crop tops have a certain touch of elegance to them. You can opt for a purple strappy flared crop top with a pair of high waisted dance shorts and sneakers.

T Shirt

Nothing feels better than a fitted tee with your dance shorts. With a tight pair of dance shorts for easy movement, go for a fit t shirt to help you in feeling secure and active. Opt for styles and designs like backless, halter necklines, sleeveless…etc. Pair your look with leg warmers.

Ballet Dance Shorts

Ballet is a type of dancing and dressing up for your ballet classes is no big deal. But this outfit chooses a more elegant and stylish route. Start with a spaghetti strap bralette on top of a plunge V-neck wrap full sleeve blouse. Tuck the blouse in your dance shorts and top off with leg warmers and ballet shoes.