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Cute Bikini Ideas for Summer 2017

Cute Bikini Ideas for Summer 2017

Summer of 2017 is nearly upon us with the beautiful spring days in full bloom. In less than 1-2 months summer will be here and you will be enjoying the rich and warm sun rays kissing your skin. But firstly you need to find bikinis to shop for. How else will you celebrate this summer? Every year, every girl strives to find the newest, sexiest and trendiest bikini designs to wear. And this year should not be any different. Check out these cute bikini style ideas to know what you will be wearing in a couple of months from now:

Ruched Strapless Top with Low Rise Bottoms

Low rise bottoms are the best for showing off your tummy (if you’re comfortable with that) and a strapless top exposes more skin for the sun to tan not to mention keeps you looking super cute.

High Waisted Bottoms with Balconette Bra

Balconette bras keep there a very sexy view of your assets no matter which size they are. The first image in the second row gives you an example of what you should be looking for. The high waisted bottoms cover up more skin meaning you will have less of a tan.

Halter Necklines and Stripes

The best way to create an eye-catching display of you in a cute bikini is by playing with patterns. Polka dots are way too calm for the eye so opt for stripes in attention diverting colors.

Cute Bikini with Cutouts

Cutouts are becoming the new hottest trend in swimwear. Mostly you find them in one piece suits but with some searching, there are a few super sexy cute bikini pieces with cutouts at the back of the bra and on the sides of the bottoms.

How About A Lace Bikini?

Straying off the usual path of bikinis and entering a new realm is a great idea. Opt for a lace bikini for the perfect touch of unique and gorgeous.