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Cropped Jacket Looks: How to Slay Them

Cropped Jacket Looks: How to Slay Them

Using different fashion items for trendier outfits is always a fun thing to do for girls. Going shopping or flipping through fashion magazines to see what is the new hot item in stores. Every new item that makes its way in a girl’s wardrobe automatically becomes a new specimen for a hundred new outfits. Maybe not a hundred! But with a cropped jacket you can definitely make a hundred outfits with it. The versatility of the item makes it a must-have in every lady’s wardrobe. If you are unsure of that fact read all about the many things you can wear this jacket with:

Skinny Jeans Kind of Look

To transform your simple top and jeans look into a preppy and fresh one, add a cropped jacket of any style and color for dimension. Opening a new door of elegance and cute, your jacket will certainly do you justice.

Midi Skirt

These skirts always look super formal but you can turn them into a trendy one with a cropped jacket. It could be a leather or denim one, it does not matter. For an even better look, go for a high waisted midi skirt.

Skirt and Stockings

These two when paired together always tend to look like schoolgirl outfits. No matter how hard you try to “fancy” them up, they end up looking like that. Instead of that, you can look like a mature woman with a woolen cropped jacket. You can fold up the sleeves!

Winter Comfort

In winter keeping warm is a hard task. Trying to keep a balance between looking fashionable as well as keeping warm always exhausts you. So here’s a little tip: wear a cropped jacket on top of your outfit to transform it into a rather stylish one. Whether you are going for flared suede pants and a sweater or woolen trousers, a crop jacket will always be there to save the day.