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Create the Best First Impressions with Grey Pants

Create the Best First Impressions with Grey Pants

First impressions matter most in life. Going to a job meeting with a new executive, first impressions are vital. Going on a date with a woman you found on the internet, nothing is more important than a first impression. And first impressions are not only about how you behave but mostly about how you look. Yes, you are a great guy inside out but how about looking as great on the outside this time? A suit is definitely the best answer anyone can come up with. Suits suit on every occasion! But because of their popularity, suits are starting to cover a very wide circumference. Now, you must pay extra attention to your footwear choice, belt, tie, shirt and even pants. Well to make everything easy for you, here is a pre-planned outfit that can be your go-to all the time. It includes grey pants:

Why Grey Pants?

Different than black and more unique than brown, grey pants soothe the eyes. Black is too dark and look slightly intimidating while brown is plain boring. Not to mention grey pants suit everyone.

What Shirt?

White and grey are the best choices you can pick from. Yes, you can wear grey pants with a grey shirt as well. But make sure the shirt is a darker shade of grey or vice versa.

And The Coat?

Coats are very important for they are the first thing that catch the eye. Navy blue, black, graphite, silver, charcoal and very light grey are a few that you can consider. But consider this too:

Wearing a black jacket? Go for a white shirt. Same is the case with graphite, silver and charcoal.

Wearing a navy blue jacket? Choose a shirt in the lightest blue color.

Choosing a light grey jacket? A spotless, snow white shirt must be your shirt choice.

What About Footwear?

Ah, footwear is as easy as it comes for you can be versatile. Pick a pair of dark wood brown Oxfords or a glossy black cap-toed formal shoes, now it is up to you!