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Corduroy Pants – Style Guide for All Genders

Corduroy Pants – Style Guide for All Genders

Textures and material are a big part of fashion whether you know of them or not. You could maybe buy a pair of pants without knowing of the importance of their material and they could or could not be a big part of your wardrobe. Knowing all about textures and how they are vital for your wardrobe aids every person in selecting their clothing items and wearing them. Today you will be hearing all about corduroy pants. You must have heard of them and known about their pretty unique feel. The ridges on top of the fabric feel like satin and velvet gliding over your skin. Get to know some chic outfits of them below:

Navy Sweater and Tight Corduroy Pants

Go for a brown pair of corduroy pants and pair with a full sleeve crew neck navy sweater for these 2 shades look great side by side. Complete the look with darker brown pump flats and a pair of sunnies.

High Waisted Corduroy Pants

Every pair of pants in the fashion industry now can be found in a high waisted version as well. There is something really pretty about high rise trousers. Opt for a beige pair of high waisted corduroy pants. Pair with a full sleeve, high neck black knit sweater.

Sophisticated Corduroy Pants Look

You can still look sophisticated and elaborate in skinny corduroy pants. Here’s the look you want to go for: tight burgundy corduroy pants, olive sweater, jacket, black scarf, small leather gloves and bold platform heels (maybe in animal print).

Casual Hipster Outfit

For this look you will need: thick baggy woolen sweater, corduroy pants and heels. Keep your sweater loosely tucked at the front and pair with black heels.

Blacks and Greys

This look is pretty simple. You will need: black corduroy pants, grey sweater, leather booties, and a black jacket/coat.