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Combat Shorts Outfits for Women

Combat Shorts Outfits for Women

Combat, army and cargo fashion is always something you can’t deny. The rugged beauty of the natural colors and their print and design just lures you in without you able to do anything about it. Combat shorts are one of those fashion items that you just need a bunch of them in your wardrobe. Their advantages are limitless but the best one being that there are a countless number of different shades, prints and designs of these shorts making them a trusty item. You can also pair them with nearly every color in your closet. Here are a few outfit ideas for you:

Trust White!

White looks absolutely flawless with everything including combat shorts. Go for a white tank, scoop neck, crop top or even sweater. All look good!

Dark Brown Combat Shorts

Once more white would look amazing with this but you can opt for a creamy shade, black and grey. A super chic look would comprise of a tank (in any color you like) and a long vest.

Contrasting Shades

It is a fresh and different approach to fashion when you go for contrasting colors. With a pair of green combat shorts go for a bright yellow cardigan or even pink.

Materials Make A Difference Too

Colors are not the only thing that matter in an outfit. Materials and textures like lace and mesh are also key features of an outfit. For example, go for a black bra and white mesh top with your combat shorts or a lace top.

Not To Mention Patterns

Patterns are just like colors and materials when it comes to styling outfits. Stripes and polka dots look especially chic and trendy with combat shorts.

Denim and Combat Shorts

This sounds like a spicy mix that will make you feel super glamorous. Opt for a denim/chambray shirt with your shorts and pair with sneakers.