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Cocktail Dresses Plus Size – Various Spring Outfits

Cocktail Dresses Plus Size – Various Spring Outfits

Dressing up for a party has never been more often. With the gorgeous spring days upon us, you can enjoy the warm nights with a short and flowy dress. Cocktail dresses plus size are the best place to start choosing from. There are main different ones to choose from making the ordeal of picking out a dress from the selection a truly exciting one. You will need these tips:

  • Opt for light colors for optimum comfort and natural body temperature
  • If the nights are a little too warm flowy and sheer designs are best
  • Although if the nights are chilly go for the same design you would normally pick and carry a cardigan along.

Check out these cocktail dresses plus size outfit ideas:

Olive Cocktail Dress 

Green colors are especially lovely in the spring days. Go for a sleeveless one with an empire waistline with a black clutch, silver jewelry with green highlights (maybe emerald) and black heels.

Black and Silver for the Chilly Nights

Black cocktail dresses plus size look best with a V neckline and a ruched waistline. Opt for a silver petticoat with a light turquoise clutch and a statement silver necklace. Heels can be black and silver.

Black and Emerald

It doesn’t really matter if your cocktail party will end around 11-12 at night, you should always be dressed accordingly. And even in spring, late at night the temperature drops drastically. For that you will need satin cocktail dresses plus size, emerald heels, silver jewelry and a YSL black clutch.

Champagne and Blue

Champagne is such a beautiful color to style with. Find gorgeous cocktail dresses plus size in that color and style yourself with blue toned accessories. Maybe a pair of navy platform heels, a sapphire ring, and a light fairy blue clutch?

Red Dress with Thigh Slit 

Thigh slits look gorgeous for those lavish cocktail parties and they somehow suit chilly and warm nights. Opt for a strappy red cocktail dress with a thigh slit, gladiator heels and a gold clutch.