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Christmas Sweaters – Coolest Ways to Wear Them

Christmas Sweaters – Coolest Ways to Wear Them

Christmas is that time of the month where it gets immensely hard to wear anything style. Since you are always home and celebrating the festive holiday cheer, you are either bundled up in 3 day old pajamas and 4 blankets or sporting some old ugly christmas sweaters that you entirely hate. But this precious holiday time does not always have to be so gloomy and dull when it comes to fashion. You can easily switch up your outfits to pretty glam ones with the tips below. Also, these outfits work with every type of christmas sweater:

Add an Overall with Your Christmas Sweaters

Overalls are the key to making any outfit look more sophisticated and chic. You can opt for the ugliest christmas sweater in your possession. Pair with full overalls or jumper shorts with leggings underneath.

Gold Sparkly Maxi Skirt

You can always count on a maxi skirt to save your Godforsaken outfit. Pair any light colored christmas sweaters you have with a gold shimmer/metallic maxi skirt to make everything pop and stand out. Match with black booties.

Christmas Sweaters Dresses

Heard of t-shirt dresses? Sweater dresses? Yes, those last ones are very famous and important in the fashion industry. Transform your christmas sweater look to a dressy Xmas sweater look. Opt for a large/long/baggy christmas sweater and slip it on. You can wear leggings underneath or knee/thigh high boots depending on the length of your dress.

Leather Skirts

Just like maxi skirts, leather skirts are here to save the day. The very different material brings a contrasting touch to your christmas sweaters making your look, appear way more sophisticated and unique. Go for silver/metallic footwear.

Slip Dresses Under Your Christmas Sweaters

A slip dress is not really your best outfit item but it is unique and stands out which is what you are looking for. Pair your white slip dress with a white fuzzy christmas sweater.