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Christening Outfits Ideas for Your Baby Girl and Boy

Christening Outfits Ideas for Your Baby Girl and Boy

Christening is a very important ceremony in the life of every Christian family. Baptizing their baby and bringing it to a new spiritual and holy level in its life. Of course, there is a certain dress code for this very memorable event. For the parents, of course, they should wear formal outfits but your baby should be dressed in different attire. Colors like white and blue and very light gray are incorporated in the outfits. If you are wondering what christening outfits are, check out the ideas below:


These can be worn by baby girls and boys for christening outfits and best found in the color white and Noah blue. Light gray is also a very calming and nice color to go for. Usually, the rompers have short sleeves and short legs. But if you want, you can find it in a fuller version.


These are most comfy christening outfits and once more can be worn by either gender. If you want to step out of the stereotypical zone, choose a very light blush pink jumpsuit if you have a daughter and heather gray for your son.


Christening outfits with gowns are meant for girls and you can find them in the prettiest designs. Lace, satin, silk and luxurious flowy materials make a perfect item for your baby girl to wear.


Two Piece Suit

Your baby boy would look so cute in 2 piece christening outfits. Start with a crisp full sleeve collared formal shirt, tucked into a pair of formal trousers. Add a touch of awesome with suspender belts.


Full 3 piece suit christening outfits are exceptionally special and amazing. Once again, do not use black or dark colors but instead opt for an all white suit.


Very much like gowns but more practical you can still find these in gorgeous styles and great materials.