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Check Out The Chicest Red Polka Dot Skirt Outfits

Check Out The Chicest Red Polka Dot Skirt Outfits

Polka dots never go out of style. They are timeless, trendy, chic and make the best outfits. They bring a lively touch to your wardrobe. Not to mention a red polka dot skirt is the classiest of all the classics you can add to your wardrobe. If you pair a red polka dotted skirt with the perfect top you have a fresh and super chic outfit that can rock your day. The best thing about perfectly balanced outfits is that you do not have to bother with minor accessories like jewelry and how to wear your makeup. The awesome outfit steals the attention and people do not pay attention to the other unimportant minor details.

Classic White and Red

Get yourself a red polka dot skirt but make sure it falls below the knees to accentuate its classic touch. Pair with a tucked in short sleeve white button up blouse and glossy red peep toe heels.

Denim Shirt

Red goes really well with blue and denim shirts come in the most fitting shade of blue. With a high waisted red polka dot skirt or this zippered one from Rosegal you can choose a denim shirt as a top. This Golden Goose denim shirt or the Polo Ralph Lauren slim fit are your two best picks.

Black Crop Tops

Red, white and black are the 3 best colors to include in your outfit especially when the red and white are in a red polka dot skirt. The Balmain Cropped Turtleneck and the FentyxPuma by Rihanna are highly recommended.


With dots on your skirt, add some stripes to your top for a fun and casual outfit. Dolce and Gabbana striped cotton jersey OR Black Striped Halter Neck Top OR Monochrome Sleeveless Vest Top? There are so many choices but only you can be the judge of which one gets to be in your shopping cart.