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Cashmere Sweaters Outfits for Men and Women

Cashmere Sweaters Outfits for Men and Women

Cashmere sweaters are a favorite of many girls due to their soft and beautiful nature. These material sweaters are available in both formal and informal modes. Looking at the pictures in the gallery below, the first sweater you can see on the woman is a perfect work looking item. But the one in the fourth picture is a bit less “work type” and more of an informal one. You can wear it to parties, dinners and dates but going to work with it seems like an off idea. Below you can see some innovative cashmere sweater outfits for men and women:

Blue Cashmere Sweaters and Light Blue Denim (Women)

Playing with the blue shades of denim jeans is always fun. For this look you will need a dark blue cashmere sweater with light blue jeans, sandals and a brown tote.

Brown Cashmere Sweaters and Grey Jeans (Men)

A super cool and effortless look for you is a cashmere sweater on its own with a pair of dark jeans. You can pair with sneakers or boots.

Muted Hues (Women)

Go for a super dark and matte type of look with these fashion items; black top, grey cashmere sweaters, sheer black stockings, mini plaid skirt, dark blue coat, light blue clutch and black booties.

V Necked Button Up Cashmere Sweaters (Men)

Start with a simple vest, a grey textured button up V necked cashmere sweater and a pair of black chinos with canvas sneakers. Add a pair of sunnies for effect.

Oversized Turtle Neck Cashmere Sweaters (Women)

You might want to look for a cashmere sweater dress for this look but a huge XL sized one will do. All you need is that sweater, a pair of knee high brown suede boots and a patterned clutch.

Layers on Layers (Men)

A super casual outfit this one is, you will need for it: a gray cashmere sweater, brown sweater jacket on top, blue baggy jeans, white sneakers and a gray beanie.