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Camo Cargo Shorts Outfits for Men and Women

Camo Cargo Shorts Outfits for Men and Women

Camo prints are very hard to deny when it comes to fashion. Camo cargo shorts are one of those items that no matter how hard you try, they always end up in your wardrobe. So, why fight it? Not to mention they are great fashion pieces; timeless, sporty and best of all really sexy on men and women both. Especially now that winter is coming to an end, the hot days of spring and summer are already upon some people in the world. Camo cargo shorts are a must have now. And if you already have one or two pieces here are some classy and chill outfits you can make with them:

Denim Shirt and Camo Cargo Shorts (Men and Women)

A chill and super cool look for summer is this. Perfect for men and women both, you can try out different styles. For ladies, you can try a knotted front design or a careless tucked in look.

Black Scoop Neck Tank (Women)

You could call this look a party one. Very comfortable and cute, the colors of the camo cargo shorts with the black make a perfect pairing. Go for long fashion necklaces and a pair of black booties.

American Themed Tee with Camo Cargo Shorts (Men & Women)

Somehow the American flag looks super hip with the camo cargo print. Pair with a white snapback and white sneakers for a summer look that’s hard to hate.

Light Blue Dress Shirt (Men)

Men’s fashion is very variant and can be approached from all sides. And in the same way, an untucked formal light blue dress shirt with a pair of baggy knee length camo cargo shorts is a great look.

Dope Tomboy Look (Women)

A gorgeous yet still funky boyish look, tomboy girls can go for is this: camo cargo shorts, black tee and a sleeveless mini denim jacket. Pair with a baseball hat or beanie and Timberland boots.