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B&W Striped Leggings – How to Not Look Like A Clown

B&W Striped Leggings – How to Not Look Like A Clown

Striped clothes are a very prominent item in every clown’s wardrobe. You see many clowns in fun fairs and in carnivals wearing striped tights and you can’t help but notice the similarity between them and the pairs you are staring at in the malls. But striped leggings actually do exist in the fashion world (not only clown world) and they look great when worn in a specific manner and when paired with certain tops. You must have by now seen many striped legging outfits on Pinterest and other fashion websites. But here are a few ideas that you can actually wear with normal tops and accessories in your wardrobe. You do not have to go out of your way to plan an outfit:

Horizontal Stripes

With horizontally striped leggings you can create a cute dimensional look. That can be achieved with a graphic tee (preferably with images not text), denim jacket and boot heels. Add some spice with a studded denim jacket and street bracelets on your wrist.

Achieve the perfect summery look with a long white boyfriend shirt and sparkly white sneakers paired with a white handbag. Round sunglasses look great with this outfit.

Go flashy and splashy with a splash of neon color. Opt for a neon green top and lime yellow heels as well as a little black bag for this look.

Vertical Stripes

These look far better than the horizontally striped leggings and you can create a lot of outfits with them. The first one being a pretty simple look with a long black tee and a leather jacket (also black). Boots that rise above the ankles are a perfect match.

If you are into grungey hipster outfits then pick out a long black full sleeve shirt with your striped leggings and pair with black leather boots

Put together a simple yet fresh and pretty look with a light grey crop top, high waisted striped leggings and polka dotted heels.