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Buy Different Types of Man Bags

Buy Different Types of Man Bags

Man bags aro longer something stupid or odd because gender roles no longer exist for fashion. Fashion is limitless and has no boundaries and that mean no gender can stop it. Bags for men are now a thing and they are increasingly popular because men also have things to carry around that their pockets can’t hold. Check out this short list of different types of bags and where to shop them:

White Linen Duffel Bag with Leather Straps

You never know when duffel bags can come in use but they make up a great part of man bags. Keeping one in your possession at all times is vital. This one that is purely made from white linen and has leather straps is perfect. It also has box-like shape with a big pocket at the front which can be accessed with a simple buckle.

Tan Brown Leather Flight Bag

If you are an active person and work and are prone to flying around all the time, one of the best man bags you can get is a flight bag. Fit for carrying your immediate essentials like passport, glasses, phone, papers, ticket…etc this one is fully lined, has a leather exterior, top zip closure and has a single strap.

Black In Grain Faux Leather Backpack 

Backpacks have become increasingly popular in the past year or so and everyone is getting themselves one. And so backpacks have become an active member of man bags. With a grab handle, external pockets, and a zip fastening system you also have adjustable padded straps with this bag.

Red Herring Brown Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag is…no shocker…also play a big role in man bags. Why? When you’re headed to work on a short shift or for a small errand carrying with you some basic necessities or papers in a big laptop bag or satchel is not advised. A compact shoulder bag like this one is the only thing that will work.