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Bring Back Retro Fashion with a Blast

Bring Back Retro Fashion with a Blast

Back in the 1940s, fashion was a big hit just like it is now. Although different from many aspects, fashion back then was called retro. There was no hint of the modern fashion that is seen nowadays on the runways. It was different in a more subtle and classy manner. Skirts, jeans, dresses and oxford shirts were implemented in retro fashion outfits but that was done in a different way. IN this article you will be reading on how to bring back retro fashion in your world, within your wardrobe for your satisfaction. Whether it is for an event or for pure old times’ sake.


Sweetheart necklines used to be a big hit back in the 80s and you can wear them for a major throwback feel. Cap sleeves can also work for sleeveless dresses were not as popular back then as they are now. A bit of a flare to the piece of clothing is recommended.

Hair Accessories

In the glamorous years of retro fashion, ladies paid much attention to how their hair looked. Nowadays you see girls curling/straightening hair and that’s all. No, if you want to perfectly achieve the retro fashion hair looks, add accessories to your do. Velvet hair bows and clips with colorful butterflies on them, are some examples.


Don’t we all see the ladies in the black and white movies donning those glasses and pulling the look off perfectly? Those are cat eye glasses and are mostly worn for fun (not for eye sight enhancement). Find yourself a pair and there you have it!


Overalls are an important part of retro fashion outfits. Especially in these cold winter months when warmth is important. Skirted coats with prim collars are a very fitting example of what you can wear on a cold winter day over our outfit.