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Boys Wedding Suits: Color Choices

Boys Wedding Suits: Color Choices

Kids love to feel grown up and all mature. Little do they know it will be quite the opposite when they grow up but it seems and sounds like fun to feed their likes and needs. Something like making your daughter feel like she’s an actual Disney princess with a customized dress, pair of shoes and a glittery tiara. In the same way you can make your son feel super mature and all grown up with a suit. Suits are known to be gentlemen wear and maybe you can start teaching him all about gentlemen etiquette while he looks strapping and downright adorable in a suit. Boys wedding suits are of all sizes, designs and styles. But, what really matters is the color choice. Here are a few ideas in case you are searching for some:

Blue on Gray

A flattering and trendy style that can be seen in the first image, opt for a light blue dress shirt with a gray vest and trousers. A splash of color is needed and bring the bow tie (better than a tie) in a bright color. Sneakers look casual but you can opt for glossy formal shoes.

Suspenders and Berets

Another super cute way of dressing up boys wedding suits is by playing with different themes. Throw it back to the old days when suspenders were an active part of fashion. Opt for a white dress shirt, beige suspenders and trousers and a beige beret.

Black and Purple

Name a better color duo? For the perfect and appeal guaranteed boys wedding suits, opt for a black one with purple highlights. You will need: white inner shirt, white vest, black trousers, black blazer, purple tie and purple kerchief.

How About Shorts?

Suits do not necessarily have to follow the stereotypical way of trousers and blazers. Opt for a white dress shirt, floral bow tie, gray shorts (yes shorts!) and white sneakers.