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Boys Leather Jacket Style Inspiration

Boys Leather Jacket Style Inspiration

Every mom loves to make her little boy look presentable as well as sharp. Little boys have the tendency to feel very important when it comes to wearing “grown up clothing”. Except that the grown up clothing is shrunk into a mini size and fits them perfectly. It is almost too cute to say no to! And the perfect thing to make your young boy look presentable and make grown ladies swoon is a boys leather jacket. Start with making your son feel grown up and responsible then add the trendy leather jackets like some fine seasoning to a dish.

Simplest Look You Can Go For

Because your kid is not exactly grown up, you want to ease a little on the clothing. Make his outfit simple and easy to take off and throw on. Starting with the most basic of outfits: a white shirt, blue jeans and a black leather jacket. Make sure the jeans look new and dark blue to contrast with the white tee.

Take It Up A Notch

If you are dressing him up for a party or an event then you want to go a little overhead. Start with knee ripped blue jeans, a v neck white top, brown boys leather jacket and lace up boots in a dusty brown color. You should know that playing with different colors is a big part of this outfit so take great care with that.

Little Bandana Dude

How adorable is it to find a kiddo sized bandana for your important son? No, do not put it on his head! Instead tie it loosely around his neck as a neck scarf. Pair with jeans (frayed, distressed or knee ripped) and a statement top. Don’t forget the caramel brown leather jacket and the extra important pair of sunglasses. Isn’t he adorable?