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Bowling Bag – What To Pack?

Bowling Bag – What To Pack?

Bowling seems to be a sport that is highly undermined. Although garnering so many players and viewers, no one deals with it like a fully fledged sport. Is it because there is no such thing as bowling Olympics? No one knows! But if you take the sport activity seriously you might want to contemplate getting yourself a bowling bag. Of course you may take a pass on that saying “I’m not really that much into the game”, it is advised. If you want to go far in the field and boast amongst your friends about how expert you are, get yourself one of those bags. And to start, here are all the things that should find a place in your bag:

These Ones Should Never Leave

You could call these must haves!

  • Grip Tape

Helps in giving no pain in releasing your thumb from the ball and avoids finger slipping.

  • Skin Patches

Blisters are a big part of the sport! You will find these in much need.

  • Ball Cleaning Supplies

Your ball’s durability and life expanse comes across as important as you do not want to buy more balls and/or use the ones available at your bowling club. Keep a bunch of cleaning supplies handy in your bowling bag.

  • Towel for Bowling

Many people like to use hand towels and micro fiber towels as these are very practical in cleaning your ball and for quickly removing excess substance of any sort from your hands.

  • Scissors and Pens

Somehow these two end up together, and the reason is unknown! The scissors are of course for snipping the tape and crafting its way around the ball while the pens…you can’t really have a bowling bag without a pen. Used for writing down things (works best for people with weak memory). Don’t forget a notepad too.