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Bohemian Skirts – How to Wear Them

Bohemian Skirts – How to Wear Them

Are you interested in trying out new types of fashion clothing? That is always a great idea for many. Stepping out of your comfort zone and going for chic/trendy pieces or basically anything that surrounds the area outside of your comfort zone. And the best place to start with is skirts. They are versatile items and can always be dressed up or down, meaning you do not have a limited area to work with. And for beginners like you who are just stepping into a new fashion world, versatile clothing items like skirts are your best option. Focusing in the huge category of skirts, let us settle on bohemian skirts! How to wear them? Take an idea from the outfits below:

White Crop Top with Bohemian Skirts

The most basic outfit you can try out as an example. But taking a look at the Bohemian culture, you have to crazy with the jewelry. Long necklaces and stacking bracelets on each hand are a must. Not to mention gladiator sandals.

Off Shouldered Top with Tassel Handbag

Bohemian skirts are always best paired with such rugged items. A great idea would be to choose an off shoulder crop top. And as always, a beaded necklace with some knuckle rings. If you want a floppy brimmed hat always looks good with bohemian skirts.

Baggy and Loose Tucked Top

Another great way of executing a bohemian outfit expertly is to adopt the carefree nonchalant style of wearing clothes. Loosely tuck your top in your skirt (just from the front/side), leave your hair carefree, and wear chunky jewelry that you love.

Tiny Crop Top, Large Shrug

A shrug is the best thing to complete any outfit. Especially when you are opting for a small top like a sleeveless crop top. For such a look go for a knee length bohemian skirt.