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Make an Ordinary Black Maternity Dress Extraordinary

Make an Ordinary Black Maternity Dress Extraordinary

Maternity can be a tough time for many women and possibly the worst times of their lives where they can’t take care of their physical appearance. Busying themselves with minor things like fashion, makeup and style seems like an unlikely idea. They are more concerned about the health of their baby and themselves. But to an extent they should take little care of what they wear for going out and dining with friends/partners. A black maternity dress is an awesome idea for many pregnant women as the color in itself shows off a slimmer figure.

But how can one make an ordinary black maternity dress look extraordinary? The answer is simple. Accessorize! With a good collection of jewelry you can make your simple black maternity dress into sophisticated and chic look.


For a dress that reaches to your knees or below, necklaces are one of the options you can go for to give off the sophisticated look. A thick gold/silver necklace that rests on your collarbones can be one of your main priories. Simple and thin necklaces don’t add much to your look.


Put your hair up in a bun/ponytail and take out those large hoop earrings you have with you. The larger the earrings the chic-er you look.

Jewelry is not the only thing that can help turn your modest black maternity dress to a fashionable one. Small items like a belt may also play a big role in transforming your look. You will need to find a makeup look as well to match your outfit. Slight eyeshadow and bright red lip has proven to be a good pairing with your black maternity dress.

Your shoe choice of course is also a pivotal part of your outfit but make sure you find a pair of shoes that put you in ease and comfort.