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Black Lace Heels: How to Wear Them?

Black Lace Heels: How to Wear Them?

Lace is a widely loved material all around the world. Lace tops, bottoms, shorts, jeans and even skirts are a big hit amongst all girls. There is this captivating aura around lace fashion items that captures the heart of every girl. Black lace especially is a definite winner when it comes to the different colors. And black lace heels happen to be on top of that fashion trend. Automatically the first thought that springs to one’s mind after thinking about black lace heels is; how to wear them? There are of course many different stylish and trendy ways of wearing these beautiful footwear items and if you have no idea how, refer to the ideas below to gain some inspiration:

Go All Lace

Instead of just keeping one part of your outfit lacy, go for an all lace look. You can either opt for a black lace dress or a trendy look which consists of: lace shorts and an elegant black lace top like this one on SheIn.

Shorts and Heels 

Many girls have been advised to never pair shorts with heels but this time you can make an exception. With black lace heels you can easily transform your outfit into a super glam and sexy one. Go for denim cutoffs and a cute crop top paired with a loose and baggy long shrug.

Stockings and Skirts

You could say this outfit is a legs for days type. Stockings play a big role in elongating how your legs look which is a good thing especially for short and petite girls. And with black lace heels your outfit is a perfectly balanced and gorgeous one. Go for black stockings and a deep red or burgundy skirt (if you do not want to go for an all black look). Pair with a tucked in sweatshirt or thin sweater.