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Black Ballet Flats – How to Stand Out

Black Ballet Flats – How to Stand Out

There are many footwear items in a girl’s wardrobe that are too basic to be worn again. Over worn by everyone in sight on Instagram and in local fashion stores, it is getting harder every minute to stand out with your choice of fashion. Every day is a struggle for every girl! Not just because she can’t make up her mind on what to wear but because she does not know whether that will look good and trendy. Every person hits that snag once in a while! But, there are super easy ways to spice up your wardrobe and outfit choices. Starting with the most basic of all basics; black ballet flats! Every mom, teenager, old, young, skinny, plus size…every single girl wears these! They are very comfortable but you can’t sabotage your fashion interest just to be comfortable. Here are some ‘un-basic’ ways on wearing black ballet flats:

Mid Thigh Skirt with Casual Off Shoulder Top

Black ballet flats are simple! So why not make your whole outfit a simple one? But, be careful with your choices! For example, pick out a patterned skirt and a super fancy off shouldered top.

Street Elegance 

If you are not aware of this trend here is how it goes: you pick an elegant fashion piece like a white silk dress and pair it with a trendy street fashion item like a camo/military jacket. Or a snapback, fur coat and black ballet flats. In that way you bring together 2 polar opposite styles and blend them smoothly together.

High Waisted Flared Jeans Look

Bring back a look from the 60’s and pair with simple black ballet flats to weigh out the chic look. With flared jeans also known as bell bottom jeans you can design your outfit as you like, the end result will definitely be a show-stealer.