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Best Womens Sweater Vest Looks

Best Womens Sweater Vest Looks

Formal looks are sometimes hard to pull off with women who are all about chic and trendy items. Dresses are of course the most formal items you can go for but at times, dresses are not what you are searching for. Womens sweater vest is an awesome way of pulling together 2 or 3 items that are super casual and transforming them into a formal outfit. With this type of vest you can achieve multiple things. For example, if it is a cold morning and you are planning on staying warm without compromising on your formal look then a womens sweater vest is your key to that accomplishment. Keeping your torso warm and keeping away all sorts of colds and fevers at bay there are many ways to style your outfits with this item. Find a few ideas below:

Skirt and Stockings Look

If you are heading off to school or any formal event this look is a prime one you can opt for. It compromises of: leggings, short skirt, collared formal shirt and a womens sweater vest. The color of the best and shirt are entirely up to you.

Skinny Jeans Look

You will be surprised to know that skinnies look great on everybody and in every occasion. And for this outfit you will need: blue skinny jeans, white or cream colored dress shirt and a womens sweater vest on top. You can pair with flats or heels of any sort.

Slim Fit Trousers for Work

Nothing looks better for work than a pair of slim fit trousers. Pair with a button down blouse and a blue womens sweater vest with pump heels.

Plaids and Trousers

Wide leg trousers are another chic way of styling your work outfit. Go for those and pair with a plaid dress shirt. Pull on a womens sweater vest on top to complete your great look.