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Best Tops to Wear With Curvy Jeans

Best Tops to Wear With Curvy Jeans

Curvy women have a lot to give to this world with their ground breaking curves. Wearing clothes that flatter every inch of their body is a must or else, what are you doing with your wardrobe? Curvy jeans are one of those items that must find a place in your wardrobe. Since skinny jeans are such a big part of every girl’s wardrobe, you wear them everywhere and they are incredibly versatile as well as functional; you must have a bunch of different pairs of them. But after stacking up your wardrobe with different designs, washes, styles, cuts and styles you want to know how to fashionably wear every single one of those jeans. And here are some outfit ideas to help you out:

Distressed Boyfriend Curvy Jeans 

With such jeans you want to go for a laid back look. Nothing tight, sparkly and/or “too popping”. A casual V neck black tee would do perfectly. Or if you want a matching look go for a distressed tee.

Fitted Capri Curvy Jeans

With jeans that show off your ankles you want to opt for statement footwear. Whether it is booties or platform heels, go for heels that stand out. Pair with shirts that look sophisticated as well. Maybe a strappy crop top with a sheer/mesh shirt on top?

Ripped Light Wash Curvy Jeans

With such jeans you want to go for a layered chic look. Fit for formal events this outfit consists of: white V necked wrap top, peach cardigan/blazer and white ankle strap heels.

Colored Curvy Jeans

Jeans usually are always available in shades of blue. But if you have a pair of a different color like peach, apricot, pink, yellow…etc go for either a white or a matching color top. White matches with all colors so you will look great. Matching colors meaning with yellow go for black/purple for green go for pink/cream.