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Best Shoes to Wear with Plus Size Sundresses

Best Shoes to Wear with Plus Size Sundresses

A sundress is possibly the best thing to wear in summer apart from a bikini on the beach. Sundresses are playful items that sport many different beautiful colors matching the spirit of summer. Plus size sundresses are available at many store outlets and famous malls in your area, you can take your pick from the collections there are. But, wearing a sundress is not everything. You also need to think about jewelry, hairstyle, handbag and most importantly your shoe choice. It does not matter if your sundress sweeps the floor at some point you will need to lift up that dress and everyone will get a peek at your shoe choice. So, pick the best pair of shoes! Need some ideas?

Peep Toe

Whether it is sandals or heels it does not matter. Peep toe shoes are a beautiful selection to make and will alway flatter your foot shape as well as legs if you opt for heels. With a short or knee size sundress, sandals look more summery but heels are for the kind-of-a-big-deal event/party you are attending.


A trendy and chic style that rose to fame after millions of Polyvore outfits and the hype of young ladies wearing it everywhere, it suits best with plus size sundresses. Every height is acceptable but opt for light colors like white, brown, green, brown…etc.

Flip Flops

If you are headed out to the beach or just expecting guests at your home then flip flops make great additions to your sundress outfit. Not only do they accentuate the casual laid back look but they look incredibly pretty.

Open Toe Heels

This type matches with all sorts of plus size sundresses. Long, short, fitting, loose, flowy…the list goes on and on. And fortunately there are many open toe heel styles in the markets to choose from. Choose a matching color and a pretty style that goes with your dress.