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Best Colors to Wear with Beige High Heels

Best Colors to Wear with Beige High Heels

There was this time in 2016 when beige was the hottest color in the fashion world. Million dollar stars like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce rocked dresses, tops, skirts..etc everything that featured the color beige was a definite must have for those celebs. But possibly the hottest of all the beige fashion items you saw on the runways where the beige high heels. So stunning with their classy designs and calm color, every girl immediately wanted them in her closet. But just like every other hot fashion item these heels have their rules as well. Color-wise, you must take caution with what you pair with beige heels.

Always Rely on Black 

Black is a color known to all womankind, that it compliments every color including itself. Pair your beige high heels with black skinny jeans, white scoop neck and a beige blazer for the trendiest and cutest spring look for 2017.

Gold Jewelry is a YES!

Light colored beige high heels like you can see in the pictures below are best paired with gold jewelry. According to how you want your outfit to look, opt for either chunky or delicate jewelry. But whatever size it is; gold jewelry always slays!

White Dresses

A super elegant and fashionable outfit you can choose for meetings, work, dates, evenings out, dinner…etc is a white dress with beige high heels. Go for slightly darker beige shades like you can see in the second last picture in the gallery below.

Burgundy and Denim

Denim looks great with everything but it looks super great with the color beige. Whether you have pointy/curvy-toed, chunky/stiletto heeled beige high heels, it is the color that matters. A super easy look you can make with the items in your wardrobe is: distressed light blue skinny jeans, burgundy sweater, beige tote and high heels in the same color. It would be wise for you to play with the different necklines of the sweater like off shouldered/v neck…etc.