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Beachwear – Various Types for Different Women

Beachwear – Various Types for Different Women

Going to the beach and planning your trips is a very exciting prospect and many people love to indulge in this. Women in particular love to book the hotels and plan every day with care and invite all their friends and prepare. But, putting all this aside, planning their everyday outfits is probably their most prized activity. Of course the most obvious outfit would be a bikini. But, keeping an open mind some women don’t feel comfortable wearing a bikini or just want a change. Below are some different types of beachwear that you can try out:

Shorts for Bottoms

Not comfortable in wearing panties? No problemo! Swap them with shorts with a cute pattern like florals, paint splatters, gradients…etc.

Playsuits Not Swimsuits

Playsuits come in various lengths, designs, colors and styles. Lucky for you, you can take your pick from the huge variety at any online store like SwimwearGalore for example.

Kimono on Top

Want a cute and ‘beachwear’ type of overall? A kimono is best. A Japanese traditional garment it is not only available in various materials, designs and styles but perfect and airy.

Maxi Dresses

Not your typical type of beachwear but maxi dresses are very beachy in an ethereal way that is yet to be confirmed. Go for an easy and breezy material like lace or macramé.

Tank Tops

Sleeveless and cropped these tops leave there much room for the sun to tan your skin. Whether you want to wear shorts or bikini bottoms is up to you.


Originating from the Arabic culture every lady would love these wide and elegant clothing items. With their long flowy nature, they match the beach life perfectly.


Beach tunics are quite famous and you can find them available on many stores and retailers. Blending in with the fun and awesome nature of the beach you will find them quite fitting.