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Backless Wedding Dress – All The Types There Are

Backless Wedding Dress – All The Types There Are

As many women are aware of the fact that three are too many types of wedding dresses to keep a track on, there is also a great variety of backless wedding dresses. Not regarding the material, style, color or design of the dress but regarding the only thing that makes the dress stand out. Its back! Yes, you heard it right! There are many types of backless wedding dresses with different backs. You can check out the list below for a quick brief:

Open Back Mermaid Wedding Dress

The mermaid style of the dress gives it its aura and silhouette but the open back is what brings in the sugar and spice. The open back reaches down to the beginning of your hips and the fabric hugs your body snugly.

Sleeved Dresses with Keyhole Backs

Different than the normal open backed backless wedding dresses, this one can come in different variations. The exposed area of the back usually takes the shape of a keyhole and can be as small as a 6 inches in diameter, to completely baring your back.

Sheer Backed Dresses (Usually Lace)

Lace is the best option if you want a sheer backed backless wedding dress. You can determine for yourself how much of your back you need exposed and find a backless wedding dress that matches your specifications.

V-Backed Backless Wedding Dress

You have heard of V-necked wedding dresses now prepare for the V-backed ones. Considered to be really elegant dresses, you must take a look at one of them or even try them on.

Scoop Backed Wedding Dress

Slightly different but very alike to the V-backed wedding dresses these show off a larger area of your back and circle around the edges of your frame. There are many different designs to this type and all you have to do is check them out.