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Baby Sun Hat and More Safety Tips to Follow

Baby Sun Hat and More Safety Tips to Follow

Everyone knows the importance of taking your kid out for a stroll in the park or spending some time with them out in the bright, cheery sunlight. The atmosphere outside of the house has many positive changes on your baby’s mood and improves the performance on his/her’s metabolism. But there is one point you should pay attention to. Your baby’s skin is very fragile and sensitive. And the sun’s UV rays may affect your baby negatively. Here are some precautions you can follow;

Baby Sun Hat 

Sun hats have earned their name because they provide ultimate protection from harsh sunlight. Producing a shade for your baby’s most important and sensitive body area; the face. There are many variations to sun hats and FitsgeraldMuseum has a list of them. And this one is a show stealer.

Covering Clothing

Full sleeves and full pants are a must when heading out on a bright sunny day. Keep your baby’s soft skin well covered and hidden with a light colored cotton full sleeve shirts and soft fleece trousers. Make sure the apparel pieces are loose fitted. On the exposed skin like his/her hands and feet apply Broad Spectrum sunscreen liberally.

Find the Shady Spots

If you will be spending more than an hour or two outside in the open find a big tree to sit and play with your kid under it. There will be a constant healthy breeze blowing as well. If you are driving in a car then roll the windows half down and turn on the AC. Keep your kid under a closed roof vehicle. But if you are stuck in traffic, use your baby sun hat and cool water or juice to keep the baby’s temperature down.

And most importantly always keep a bottle of sunscreen in your car, diaper bag, at home and in your bag.