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Army Jackets: How to Blend Them In your Outfit

Army Jackets: How to Blend Them In your Outfit

Experiencing with outfits is a fun way of exploring new lengths and realms of your little fashion world. Adding new items and fashion apparel to your wardrobe is necessary for many reasons. Not only because fashion is ever changing but also because it is important that change and versatility must be available in your wardrobe. Some girls like to experience with edgy stuff like studded biker boots, thick gold chains, long hoodies…etc. But the most exciting and probably best one from the lot is army jackets. Since the months are already cold and we all need an extra jacket or two, why not pick a stylish one. Not to mention the possibilities of what you can do with army jackets is endless.

What to Wear with an Army Jacket?

For starters, you must be aware of all the different outfits you can create with army jackets. You have skirts & tops, skinny jeans and shirts, dresses and much more. This Pinterest list has a lot to offer for any interested lady. Secondly, you want to make up your mind on whether you want to wear a dress or jeans or a skirt for the day? Your jeans choice is not limited for it can also be leggings, sweats.

Skirt Outfits

Many like to toy around with colors and designs when it comes to skirts because the variation and choice selections are endless. Length does not matter either. What matter is the choice of colors! If you are indecisive, then it will come as a relief that army jackets match with every color. Gold, black, burgundy, pink, grey, denim…etc. But a black & white outfit takes the cake.

Dress Outfits

The color choice is an endless list but you want a dress that is simple and effortlessly chic. Body-con, boho, shift, knitted and t shirt dresses are all great choices that you can take our pick from.

Jean/Legging/Sweats Outfit

There is no limit to what you can pair with the aforementioned items. Every top imaginable can be worn with them and throw over it an army jacket and you have an effortless, chic and trendy outfit.