Thursday , 17 November 2022
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Aesthetic Tennis Shorts Outfits

Aesthetic Tennis Shorts Outfits

There are many strictly sport clothing pieces that by time have been incorporated in the world of fashion resulting in plenty of amazing outfits. Tennis shorts are one of those now and you can be prepared to be blown away with the variety of different outfits you can find featuring this item. And the outfits are incredibly stylish to say the least. If you have a pair of tennis shorts lying around, doing nothing, then it is about time that you start styling all the different outfits you can with the items you have in your wardrobe:

Pink Drawstring Tennis Shorts with Stone Knot Crop Top

Pink seems to be a fitting color to wear to tennis practice but go for a warmer baby pink and your look will be enviable. Starting with a stone knot crop top, some cute necklaces, a crossbody satchel handbag and brown loafers.

Sporty Adidas Top and Black Tennis Shorts

Find yourself a gorgeous short sleeve patterned Adidas shirt and pair with black tennis shorts, a sweatband and Nike sports shoes for the ultimate sporty outfit. Whether you are actually going to play tennis or not, this look is great.

Play with Yellows and Whites

Yellow and white are super springy/summery colors that suit when you are going out to play sport. With a pair of yellow tennis shorts and a white top (it can be a racerback tank, sports bra, or a sleeveless crop top) you can look incredibly smart. Pair with yellow or white shoes.

Simple Warm Up Look

If you are still contemplating to join a tennis team then this look is perfect. A jacket pullover with a 1/4 zip along with a pair of tennis shorts is the perfect “i-don’t-know-if-this-is-serious” look. Go for running Nike shoes to complete the look.

Tennis shorts are very versatile pieces and can be styled according to your liking, so go for it!