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5 Ways to Dress Up In Evening Dresses

5 Ways to Dress Up In Evening Dresses

Let’s just admit the fact that girls like to be dressed up especially when they are all dolled up in a bun, with a winged eyeliner, loopy earrings, flowy dress and strappy heels.  Yes, we all feel the same way about the dresses – chirpy and obsessed.

I think by now it should be obvious that it is hard for girls to walk by a beautiful dress without buying it. When we can’t buy the said desired item, it is mandatory, according to the girl code subjected to all girls, to at least take a certain amount of pictures of it for our friend, that to from every angle so they know what the product looks like and can go and buy it.

Moving on, let’s talk about the five things that you can not go without when wearing an evening dress. They might seem simple but they have more importance attached to them than you might think.

  • Earrings

The earrings you decide have to be matching to your dress. They can be any kind you want them to be; be it small studs-like or even big, hanging loopy ones.

  • Make Up

This is important to know when you’re doing your own makeup: keep the lips light when you’re making the eyes dark. You cannot keep the two dark and bright together, unless it is a Halloween party you’re attending.

  • Heel

Most people don’t realize that you cannot – just simply CANNOT – wear an evening dress without heels. Sure, you prefer ease over grace but com’on, it’s just one night. Live a little.

  • Hairdo

Unless you are a Barbie with perfect hair, please tame the frizz and choose a hairstyle for you to wear for the night. Frizzy, unmanageable hair with a perfect dress is equal to a disaster.

  • Watch

Wear a watch because nothing makes you classier and sexier than a good watch. Unless it’s red lipstick.