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An easy starter plant – Cotyledon Pendens

An easy starter plant – Cotyledon Pendens

Cotyledon pendens is an easy starter plant that requires little maintenance, yet is one of the most beautiful succulents to grow. Cotyledon pendens are native to South Africa and can often be seen hanging from cliffs, earning them the name cliff cotyledons.
Like a fingerprint, each Cotyledon pendens plant is unique. The Cotyledon pendens are mainly found in arid regions where they have evolved their system of staying hydrated.

From South Africa they were taken to Europe and many different parts of the world. This forced them to adapt to their new environment and develop sophisticated coping mechanisms, and now they can thrive in both hot and slightly cooler regions.
Cotyledon pendens grows low to the ground like a shrub. Unlike other succulents (or cacti), which appear to be reaching for the sky with erect, upward-growing stems, C. pendens is a pendulous, many-branched succulent.
Each branch is covered with many teardrop-shaped leaves arranged in opposite pairs.

C. pendens forms many leaves, each stem filled with short, fleshy, teardrop-shaped leaves. Each leaf is a powdery grey-green culminating in an attractive reddish tinged border at the tip.