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Different Types of Sexy Underwear

Different Types of Sexy Underwear

Intimate wear is a big part of every girl’s wardrobe. Every girl loves to have a big and sexy collection of intimate wear that she can wear whenever she feels like it. Single or not, all girls deserve to feel sexy in their own skin. And that can only be accomplished with sexy underwear! Many women have reported and said that after buying sexy panties they felt their self-confidence boost considerably. And if you have a husband or partner, everything gets a whole lot better when you have a collection of sexy knickers in your drawer. Find out all the different types of sexy underwear and know which one to buy:


This coming on the top of the list for it is the definition of sexy. Created mainly for an ample rear view you can show off your derriere as much as you want in these. But do keep in mind they are insanely uncomfortable for many women.


A little less discomforting than g-strings, a thong looks both sexy and feels the same way. With some more fabric for the rear area you can feel like all your assets are on show and it feels great.

V String

Slightly different than a g string this one, has lesser fabric on it and aims to only cover your V area.


Slightly thicker in comparison with a thong, cheeky underwears look different for they have a V shape to them on the front. These Victoria Secret Crochet Lace Panties are a perfect example. Another one would be the Lace & Mesh Cheeky Panty.


A mix between a thong and bikini bottoms, you definitely want a pair (if not more) of these in your wardrobe of sexy underwear.

C String

This one makes a g string look downright boring. A new specimen in the markets, it does not even look like underwear but some magical maxi pad that sticks to your downer area. Read all about it on Buzzfeed.