Thursday , 23 March 2023


Would you like to enjoy your garden terrace instead of taking care of it? Rather stick in the plants than struggle with the maintenance of a terrace every year? Well, durable hardwood decking could be the solution for you. Be inspired by dazzling design ideas for your garden terrace.

Choose the best wooden deck
Whether you prefer a patio in the garden or a garden on the patio, make it your retreat full of colors and scents all season long. The first step is the right wooden terrace.

Choosing a premium natural hardwood decking in a garden area has so many benefits:

1) Hardwood is the easiest to maintain and most durable decking material you can choose for your garden.

2) Hardwood will last much longer in all weathers than pressure treated decking, and it will do so beautifully.

3) Why just plant a garden when you can create a natural garden getaway?

A garden terrace among the flowers
What could be more relaxing than a terrace for dining surrounded by kitchen or flower gardens? Using Ipe premium hardwood is the perfect choice for a garden area as it has the highest natural rot and insect resistance of any hardwood and requires no chemical pre-treatment. In lieu of a stain it can be given a UV protective rosewood oil finish to keep the natural wood grain looking new if required

A backyard deck with raised garden beds
For some of us, maintaining a garden that is at waist height is easiest. Like a “standing desk” except for a garden, raised beds can put your cooking herb, tomato, or cut flower gardens literally within reach on your backyard patio. A sculptural planter below made from hardwood decking creates a raised garden bed or patio divider. High-density hardwoods like Cumaru hardwood have beautiful reddish-brown tones and naturally resist pests and water damage without chemical treatment.

Garden deck wooden walkways
Garden decks and pathways are classic and romantic, even whimsical. This pathway below, lined with arbors, allows the homeowner and visitors to stroll from the backyard deck through a coastal garden en route to the beach or to relax after dinner. Because Ipe has an unmatched rating for water, rot and pest resistance that all other woods are compared to, it will last for decades with little maintenance. Compare that to a softwood like Red Cedar Decking and you can see the cost savings over the lifetime.

Are you in the woods or wetlands? Not everyone has gardens surrounded by lawns! A woodland or wetland trail takes you across the property and allows for a garden view of your wildflowers and meadow grasses without ground traffic interrupting the wilderness. A high density ipe hardwood walkway is the most natural water, rot and boring insect screen available on the market. The walkway pictured is in a Florida wildlife sanctuary, but could easily be copied into your own backyard sanctuary.