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Wedding Dresses

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses Advantages

Weddings are no doubt such a big deal for every girl! But them being a big deal does not mean you should over accessorize and over glamorize. That is the exact opposite of what a wedding should be or look like. The best way to approach your wedding dress look …

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How to Pick A Simple Wedding Dress

Unlike the majority of women, some brides like to keep the hugest day of their life really simple. From a small guest list to a minimum amount of decorations. A very low-key venue is also added to the list. Believe it or not but there is beauty in simplicity. Along with all …

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Types of Sweetheart Wedding Dresses

As it is common knowledge, dresses in general have so many types of styles and cuts. Regarding the flow, material, texture and fall everything can be different according to your liking. Similarly wedding dresses are the same with their versatility. But because wedding dresses are way more special than normal …

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Advantages of Aline Wedding Dresses

It might come as a surprise but the silhouette of a wedding dress is all that it is about. The silhouette of your wedding dress will actually determine what you look like while wearing it. Not just that but also, your body’s figure depends greatly on the silhouette. If the …

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White Wedding Dress – Types of Necklines

All women are aware that wedding dresses are all about detail. Every minute aspect of the dress ranging from the stray thread around the color to the hemline which looks slightly askew at a 30 degree angle is utterly important. Wedding dresses are meant to be all about detail. And …

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