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Bib Shorts – What Are They and Advantages of Wearing Them

Different sports and activities call for different measures. Changes in your lifestyle, sleep, and diet is necessary so you can reap the full benefits of whatever activity you are currently following. Most of all changes in your wardrobe are more than imperative. Taking running for example. You can’t go running in PJs or your formal/day wear. You need a personalized set of clothes for any sports you are indulging in and cycling happens to be the most interactive one. All sorts of safety precautions are taken with cyclists from helmets, gloves, shin pads, and most of all seat protection. Bib shorts are your perfect item when it comes to cycling for hours at end.

What Makes Bib Shorts the Perfect Pick

Different than padded shorts and all those fancy items created for cyclists, bib shorts which are also referred to as cyclist shorts have numerous advantages. Yes, they make look odd, off, weird and most of all very unfitting for manly men. But after reading about the upsides you’re going to want to get a bunch of these.

Fabric Choice

While working out you always need fine material to wear. Bib shorts are always made from lightweight, durable and breathable mesh or Lycra. Which begs the question; won’t they be hard on my shoulders?

Shoulder Support

Yes, a cyclist uses his legs very vigorously and speedily and all that shouldn’t be brought on your shoulders. Except that it isn’t! Bib shorts are made from an awfully stretchy material that does not cut into your skin, pressure and stall blood flow and best of all are comfortable.

Staying Put and Waistband Free

Normal shorts have a habit of slipping and sagging downwards as you seat yourself and cycle away. With bib shorts, the material will comfortably find a place to settle (and no budging). Bib shorts also have an advantage of having no waistband. For those who have worn waistband shorts for hours and ended up in peeling them off with much pain leaving behind a red, indented and irritated area, these bib shorts are very far away from that.