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Best Wooden Walkway Ideas – Wood Path Designs

Best Wooden Walkway Ideas – Wood Path Designs

Most of us remember the feeling of stepping onto the promenade at any time of the year, the combination of rustic sophistication and anticipation of the delights to come.

Likewise, one remembers the autumnal forest walks and the wooden footbridges that carried us over creek and creek.

When it comes to your own personal whereabouts, why not convey some of those priceless sensations?

The wooden walkway is a shabby chic alternative to the stone and mortar or brick walkway. The planked walkway offers a charm that only wood can impart, from weathered sand and sea styles to polished modern renditions. Guests will be delighted from the first step and will be happy to return to your home again and again.

Whether you want to achieve the nouveau feel of a Pacific Northwest retreat or a laid-back Malibu mansion, your boardwalk is your chance to display your most basic sensibilities while making an unexpectedly dramatic impact. Because the wooden walkway is designed to enhance and complement the natural landscape, you never have to worry about stepping the wrong foot forward and disrupting the overall layout of your home.

There are many paths in life, the roads and paths we take to different places; some we cross only once, others we walk for decades.

These 50 best wooden walkway ideas will no doubt see you through the years like an old but timeless friend, welcoming each step and with many more to come.