Thursday , 23 March 2023
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Beautiful Bohemian Patio Designs

Beautiful Bohemian Patio Designs

We continue to tell you about boho chic decorations, and today it’s time to go outside! Let’s see how to decorate a terrace in this style. Some people call bohemian a gypsy style, and that’s not far from the truth: it’s a colorful style with lots of patterns and varied luxuries. Mix colors, patterns, add wicker or raw wood furniture and canopies to shade from the sun. Some Eastern details would definitely do, as would tile and wrought iron furniture. Colorful glass, candle holders and even chandeliers are cool for boho chic. Below you will find many crazy succulent and not only examples of bohemian style in different colors and patterns and boho chic mixed with other styles, get inspired and design your own boho terrace!

Boho spaces are traditionally bright and super colorful, so incorporating as many bright hues as possible is a good idea. Mix and match them and you have a perfect boho gypsy room! Another option is to decorate with neutral colors – white, cream, off-white, even tan and beige, this is a popular idea now and brings a Moroccan feel. You can also add black accents for some drama.