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Beautiful and Simple Trellis Ideas

Beautiful and Simple Trellis Ideas

Though subtle, trellises are often the foundation of gardens. They can take many forms and serve different purposes. Typically made of wood or metal, the frame is often used to support climbing plants or fruit trees. Freestanding versions like pergolas can easily define pathways while providing a little shade and privacy. Some are designed to embellish plain walls with vibrant, flowering tendrils. Others can give vegetables like cucumbers room to grow properly in a garden.

While there are many trellises that you can buy online, making your own can ensure you get exactly what you want. You can personalize it based on your gardening needs and style preferences. Plus, it can often be more budget-friendly! If you’re not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Browse ahead of time some beautiful trellis ideas that dedicated gardeners and landscape designers have come up with. From a honeycomb wooden trellis to one made from copper tubing, these displays serve as great inspiration for any garden.

trellis fence
Architect and designer Gil Schafer collaborated with landscape design firm Mohr & Seredin to create a home and garden that feels timeless, restful and welcoming. “With landscape and architecture, you can’t say where one ends and the other begins,” says Schäfer. Here, the freestanding trellises are painted the same colors as the shutters, blending seamlessly with the surrounding plants and flowers designed to support them.

Although all flowering vines thrive beautifully on trellises, there is something particularly beautiful and wild about Bougainvillea. Here, in a garden designed by Mii McMakin, the plant’s palette of vibrant tones, from deep fuchsia to warm coral, are showcased to the full.

Flanked by planters with two types of fragrant blooms, this sweet trellis arch leads to a patio garden and gives it a more intimate feel. David Kleinberg wanted this rooftop terrace to be understated yet magical, and we definitely think he accomplished his mission.

Your trellis doesn’t have to be made of wood! It can be a thinner material like aluminum, vinyl, and copper that will also acquire a charming patina over time. Emily Janak attached a thinner trellis to the outside wall of her home to support newly planted ivy.

Two trellises create privacy for an outdoor shower stall without blocking the view and beautiful dappled light. Designer Hadas Dembo painted the trellis walls dark green to blend in with the ivy. It’s really like showering in the open forest.

Here’s another angle of the trellis walls surrounding Demobo’s pool house. “I didn’t want it to be as grand as Versailles, but to have this decorative body of water surrounded by old tables and benches,” explains Hadas Dembo of this poolside oasis. Gunite lines the pool deck and reclaimed Dutch Colonial doors, along with custom blended colors give the pool house and trellis a rustic, historic feel. The dark hue also gives the trellis a mysterious feel while hiding anything that needs to be stored out there.