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Attractive swing design ideas for your garden

Attractive swing design ideas for your garden

Whether in a backyard of your home or a modest hotspot of comfort in your living rooms, an eye-catching swing design will inevitably increase the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. In this article, we share some popular indoor and outdoor swing design ideas.

But are swings just for fun? First, let’s review some benefits of a swing from Vastu Shastra’s point of view and also some swing designs to explore.

When it comes to installing swings in homes, the tradition is quite old, and the history of swings dates back more than 2,000 years. Although swings or “jhoolas” are traditionally considered decorative items, they have many unique benefits.

Vastu Shastra has given a lot of importance to the introduction of a swing in your home. According to Vastu principles, it should be placed on the patio or in the garden, or facing north or east inside the house. Setting up a swing helps to attract positive energies in a household and instill happiness. Wood has a special meaning in Vastu and the incorporation of wooden swing designs is seen as promising.

A medical correlation has also been found between the rotational movement due to rocking and neurological activity in the brain. According to scientific studies, neurological focus influences sleep patterns. The back and forth and spinning motion of the swings help soothe immature brains and instill a sense of calm. So, rocking helps kids sleep better and acts like a kind of restorative meditation for their brain.