Thursday , 23 March 2023
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Amazing Recycled Garden Projects

Amazing Recycled Garden Projects

Do you love using upcycled items in your garden?

Of course, anyone can make your store-bought flower pots and mass-produced hanging baskets. And to be honest, I did that occasionally.

But to come across a bit of whimsy and something unexpected in a garden?

THAT is special. THAT makes me smile!

Besides, it’s super economical, eco-friendly and fun to upgrade ordinary, somewhat boring household items for the garden.

Over the years I’ve added more and more garden art pieces and repurposed planters to my flower beds. It started with an impromptu idea to stick pennies on a bowling ball and morphed into me when I lugged home a heavier sink from the Habitat Restore store than I thought to use as a planter (the is super new, so no pictures of it yet).

Not sure where to start? I’ve collected some great repurposed garden projects from around the internet, with a few of mine thrown in for good measure.