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Sexy Corset – Advantages & Disadvantages of Wearing One

Women’s wardrobes can be a little complicated at times and sometimes even women themselves can’t seem to figure out what is what and where is what. Most wardrobes are a mess of sensual, casual, formal, playful and experimental items but if you are more of an orderly person you should be keeping your sensual items in a different closet. A sexy corset can be a perfect example of a sensual item. There are a huge number of benefits and downsides to wearing a corset if you are unaware of them. The downside reasons vary from a health point of view and the others bring you the joys and pleasures of feeling…sexy!

Sexy Corset Disadvantages 

  • No Instant Slim Waist

Without exercise and a healthy diet, a slim waist is not achievable with a sexy corset. Instead, you will just be heading nowhere if you wear a corset without any dieting or exercising.

  • Internal Organ Problems

Wearing a tight sexy corset for too long can actually be extremely dangerous for your health. You may look all tiny waisted from the outside but the organs in your stomach are actually squashed to bits and this might result in heart problems, lung failure, back muscle atrophy and worst of all deformed rib cages. Do you really want to wear a corset now?

Advantages of Sexy Corset

  • Asset Amplifier

Whichever size your assets may be, a sexy corset will definitely accentuate and amplify them. How? First things first, when your waist is relatively smaller both your hips and chest will look illusively big. Viola!

  • Sexy Sensation

Feeling sexy is a goal of every woman. Whether it is while she’s chilling out in sweatpants or wearing the tightest skirt in her closet. You can quite achieve that with a sexy corset. Making your assets bigger ends up with you feeling sexy.